Video Spectacle II.

A new magazine about Judaism and Jewish contemporary life has launched. It’s called Tablet and I quite like the idea of the English-speaking world reading a more thoughtful approach to thinking about Jewish thinking (pardon all the redundancy).
My peronsal hope for Tablet is that it fills the gaps between the often hilarious in-jokes of Heeb, the earnest progressivity of Tikkun, and the newsiness of the Jerusalem Post.
The two designers who crafted the over-arching and specific identities around Tablet speak about their decision-making process, their research, and their presentation of designs in this video (I can’t seem to embed it herein). I don’t particularly adore the aesthetic of “big ideas in the 70’s” but I identify with the designers’ approaches to the task and their efforts to present strong design, good typography, and reasonable client access to their thought process. It’s something I aim for in every design project, as well&#8212large, small, and in between. Nice work all around.