Small is Good

For the second time in two years, I had to have my 20-inch Apple Monitor in for repair. It doesn’t actually bother me that much. The thing is basically on all of the time and the technology of LCDs is pretty new and, afterall, the thing’s a workhorse. (I’m always surprised when obsolescently-designed machines actually perform better than my withering expectations.)
What I found interesting was that I actually like working on a “little” 17-inch LCD monitor, my backup. It’s small, square, and stable and it’s a bit brighter, somehow, than the larger beast (now sitting on its side in some DHL depot between here and Florida). Sure, the visual real estate isn’t there and I can’t have four applications open at the same time. But I’m enjoying the new, clean desktop, the solidity of one window per application, and the confinement of focus that this visual reprieve has brought to my table.

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