Increasingly, there are little nodes

Increasingly, there are little nodes of space on the street where anyone with a laptop can get on the Internet. In order to find wireless networks (or WiFi), people are resorting to a highly collaborative street-focused signing to indicate where a little node might be. For instance, it could be near your favorite ice cream store. Or it could be under your nose.
Like Weblogs, Warchalking technology is starting small but I believe it will grow into a sizable movement — until it gets corporatized and metal street signs replace the chalk and paint used currently. Warchalking uses signs much like and based on hobo language to show where you can hook in. Equally important to the technology of WiFi is the signage — which I believe will get increasingly sophisiticated soon. is a Weblog that shows photos and appropriate links to this whole new visual language.

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