We saw Road to Perdition

We saw Road to Perdition last night, the first film we’ve seen in about 7 or 8 months.
It was a beautifully filmed Hollywood film, with every shot thought through and out. Tom Hanks, who I always liked for his Everyman quality, Jude Law, who I like because he’s funny-looking, and Paul Newman, who I like because of his salad dressings powerfully inhabited their characters. The music in the first part was particularly strong and I can’t say more than this as the whole thing is wrapped in a package that doesn’t allow more to be said, unless you’ve seen it.

For some reason or other,

For some reason or other, someone must have signed me up for The New Republic, as I started receiving the magazine today. I’m not sure why someone would have done this, especially because they didn’t actually pay for it; I received an invoice for the magazine subscription a few days ago for $29.97.
Well, I probably agree with 70% of its Israel commentary, but the rest I don’t know. I mean, I do like The New Republic‘s Web design, which stresses white space and clarity over hype.
So, in case anyone actually wants to buy me a subscription, I can’t stop you. I can however give you the following link The New Republic: Subscribe to TNR. (It’s not as bad as SaveKaryn.com. Oh yeah, it is.)