Hi. My titles are not

Hi. My titles are not working right now. I’ll try to figure it all out but I’m sorry if for some reason the monologue makes no sense without the title appearing at the top of each entry.
In case you need it, 9/15’s post was titled Monitor, 9/12 Contemporary Art Project, 9/10 Presence, and 9/9 The Good Girl. I’ll leave the rest to the fine technical folks at Blogger.com, who I honestly am beggining to think have gotten too big for their britches. Granted, I only pay $35 per year for using their online software to post this here Web log. But their technical support and customer service is essentially nonexistent and their help pages are terrible, terrible.
So for $35, the system kind of works better and I don’t have to put a button on my page and there’s spellchecking, though I don’t need these tooooo often. I know it’s against the First Commandment of blogging to light a fire under Blogger.com, the first and finest source for Web logging software, but, honestly, they should get their act together.

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