I see that the Brooklyn

I see that the Brooklyn Museum of Art is showing the inimitable Judy Chicago in just a few days.
I can hardly wait. I’ve always thought that Ms. Chicago is one of the least talented, self-centered, and directionless artists living today. Her most well-known piece, The Dinner Party, has supposedly been seen by over 1 million hapless souls. It consists of “women’s art” – china, ceramics, etc. – on a huge table set for many people and it’s kind of ugly. It’s without any personality and pays poor tribute to the women it is intended to honor.
As for why I really don’t like Ms. Chicago, take a look at her so-called “Holocaust Project,” which she completed in 1993. This project is about as facile as they come and has absolutely nothing to do with the real issues or studies of the Holocaust. Here is the first line of her Holocaust Project Web site description: “The Holocaust Project is an art exhibit which casts the Holocaust as a reference point for an exploration of profound issues that relate to the human condition – past, present and future.” In the book that I saw by her in the Albany State Museum about ten years ago, there were terrible paintings of wretched people (victims) clutching at blue striped cloth.
Ugh. I hope that there are protests outside the Brooklyn Museum this weekend.

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