This guy, Bryan Zepp Jamieson,

This guy, Bryan Zepp Jamieson, scares the hell out of me. Not because he’s that smart or because he’s more lefty than I can stomach but because he’s sometimes just got his finger on the pulse of all conspiratorial and apocalyptic commentary. This week’s Weekly News says that the German Commerzbank may crash, a Depression is around the corner, and so on.
He also has the ugliest looking Web site in the world.

2 thoughts on “This guy, Bryan Zepp Jamieson,”

  1. This guy Jamieson is a resident alien with Canadian and British citizenship. Used to post frequently to the newsgroup alt.society.liberalism where he was busted last year for claiming, in numerous posts, to be able to vote in US elections. Since Nov 2 he’s disappeared from the newsgroups. I agree with your assessment of his website, of course. UGLY!

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