Yesterday, the smarty-pants at

Yesterday, the smarty-pants at decided to launch a RealOne player and service for Mac OS X. It’s a good idea — for 9.95 a month you get something — some kind of entertainment or music or subscription or download or something and you get to use their multimedia player on your computer.
For the life of me, must be the most obscurantist company around. It’s almost always impossible to figure out what their premium services are – and now there is RealOne and there’s RealOne “SuperPass.” In fact, it’s impossible, from my looking at their Web site, to figure out what you’ll receive from besides a credit card deduction each month. Does really think that we’re all a bunch of dupes and will punch in our credit card info to sign up for $120.00 per year worth of “services.” I’m totally going to “SuperPass.”

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