Those of you who know

Those of you who know me know that my blood doesn’t boil easily. Then I read about Hezbollah. Little did I know how blood curdles at 146 degrees F.
This week’s New Yorker is a must-read issue for anyone, anyone interested in America’s role in the new global cauldron. More importantly, a must-read article is Jeffrey Goldberg’s “In the Party of God,” (link points to Q&A only – buy magazine at newstands now) in which he examines the incredible religious, political, media, and cultural power of Hezbollah — a band of cowards that masquerade as modern-day saviors of Islam and the world.
I can’t do it justice. Hezbollah is more tyrannical, more hysterical, more anti-Semitic, and better funded than Al Qaeda. Here:
• One poster [in a town run by the group] showed an American flag whose field of stars had been replaced by a single Star of David.” Another “portrayed the Dome of the Rock, the Muslim shrine in Jerusalem, cupped in the bony hand of a figure with a grotesquely hooked nose.”
• “A main focus today appears to be the training of specifically anti-Israel militants in the science of constructing so-called ‘mega-bombs,’ devices that can bring down office towers and other large structures.”
• Al Manar, a very popular TV program for Palestinians, is “trying to keep the people in the mood of suffering” and shows programs like The Spider’s House, which “explores what Hezbollah sees as Israel’s weaknesses” thus directly encouraging suicide and homicide bombers among youth.
• “Ibrahim Mussawi, the urbane and scholarly-seeming director of English-langauge news at Al Manar, called Jews ‘a lesion on the forehead of history.'”
I need to give credit to Mr. Goldberg for going into the den and showing what is really happening in the Islamic propaganda machine. The Saudis, the Iranians, and the Syrians are funding Hezbollah, in the hopes that the next Middle East war, perhaps sparked by our invasion of Iraq, will produce the demise of Jews in Israel and worldwide.

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