I believe that every person

I believe that every person in the world has a series of questions in their head at all times or some of the time. Many of those questions may be of the existential variety (e.g. “Why am I on this planet?” or “Who is G-d to give or take life?”) but many are more mundane. Here are a few of mine while in the car:
1. Why do some automatic cars roll back on hills if you take your foot off the brake? Shouldn’t all cars not do that, unless of course they are manual?
2. How can gasoline still be so cheap and plentiful when a great majority of people say that fossil fuels are scarce and getting scarcer still? Is the government really subsidizing gasoline through highways subsidies and wars as some allege?
3. What percentage of people still have their user manuals for their cars in the glove compartment? And how many of those that do have read them?
4. Why aren’t cops pulling over people using their cell phone without a hands-free device? Isn’t it law in N.Y.?