I've always had my eye

I’ve always had my eye on type. I think it all began when I was a kid and really took a good hard look at the RCA logo, a company that employed my grandmother for a number of years. The logos and font-faces of yesterday’s big companies, such as RCA, Ford, Chrysler, IBM, GE and many others, are back as the logos and font-faces of today’s big companies. Fascinating.
As I’ve become increasingly interested in today’s font development, I’ve found thatTypophile is a very nicely designed and useful site. It features a review of the new book called Indie Fonts edited by Richard Kegler, James Grieshaber, and Tamye Riggs, for which I recently put good money down at Amazon.com, and which contains 33 original fonts that in and of themselves seemingly outweigh the cost of the book itself ($39.95).