I’m sending out the annual holiday calendars to clients, friends, ex’s, colleagues, partners, vendors, family, and others who I like a bit (not in that order). As I was carefully going through the list of people and their addresses, I realized a few things:
1. I’ve refused over the years to delete those who have passed away from my contact lists. I can’t do it, but these folks should not rightly be mixed in with the living, right? I’m not sure what to do with these entries, including my grandmother who died over one year ago. Obviously, I’m not sending those are dead calendars nor will I need their contact info. Why must I keep them and am I “contaminating” the rest of the people populating my rolodex?
2. There are so many people that I’ve lost touch with in the past five years. If you happen to be reading this, my apologies. If you’re not reading this it’s because you’ve lost touch with me as well.
3. I tried printing out the list (it’s about 1000 entries) on one sheet of paper and it looks really, really tremendous.

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