Saddam's Capture

I’m not sure of the total veracity of this Sunday Mail report on Mossad’s total involvment in capturing Mr. Hussein but the questions asked about Saddam’s capture one week ago are profound. These are things I’ve been asking myself, small twitches of wonder going off in the back of my head, but I’m glad that here they are in one, detailed list:
• WHO were the two unidentified men armed with AK-47 rifles who stood guard over the hole? Were they there to protect Saddam or kill him if he tried to escape?
• WHY did Saddam not use his pistol to commit suicide—and become the martyr he had long boasted he would be?
• WAS it cowardice that stopped him—or was he expecting to make a deal? To not only reveal the truth about weapons of mass destruction, but also about his deal with Russia and China, whose secret support had encouraged him to continue to confront the US.
• THE hole he hid in had only one opening. It was blocked. He could not have escaped. So was it in effect a prison? Was he being held there as part of a trade-off?
• WHAT was the $US750,000 (about $A1 million) found on him for?
• WHY did he have no communications equipment? Not even a mobile phone was on him.

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