Car Chase

I was at the laundromat just now and had the opportunity to watch a live car chase on television. A guy in an SUV (what else?) was driving very scarily around trucks, into cars, into pedestrians (apparently) and across median strips. The driver then flew down small streets in small neighborhoods in Jersey City, New Jersey as a few bright white cop cars followed in tow. My heart pounded while I watched the inanity because I feared for a poor inadvertant kid crossing the street to get a misplaced soccer ball. In truth, I worried that I would be the inadvertant witness to a live death on television.
The whole thing came to a slightly riotous end as one policecar smashed into the tail of the SUV as it slowed and forced the driver into a driveway, whereupon the driver ran and was overrun by a swarm of police. The helicopter that filmed this escapade focused on the maelstrom from above. (I looked for a link but there are no stories posted yet — the chase ended at 5:07 p.m.) Time to go for a walk.

One thought on “Car Chase”

  1. I wonder if the owner of the SUV took a tax-break when he/she purchased the vehicle – I mean, this *IS* America, after all…
    His/Her Congresspersons worked hard for those loopholes, and the G-ddamned – whoops – G-D given RIGHT for that person to be driving that death-machine, criminal or not…
    People are just going to have to realize – especially, with the current election cycle coming up – they have to make a fundamental choice between their LUCHRE and their DENOMINATION.
    W’04, everybody! Vote early and often…

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