4 thoughts on “Not worth reading”

  1. No problem for the tip – but it may be time for Google to add a ‘Blog’ tab to their ‘Search Results’ page. The number of times that I’ve been waylaid onto someone’s blog while I was searching for something is less than 25%, but then again, whatever I found was generally informative.
    Interestingly, it seems to me that blogs redistribute knowlege and information into more specialized niches (are end-users the new librarians?), but only if all of that information is aggregated on the same blog – not that it isn’t the role of search-engines to do deep site searches, but all of the information is easier to find, and part of the author’s meme-set if it is all pre-assembled on the same RSS feed.
    But if I were you, I would look into the kinds of back-end demands that MT is making on your server…

  2. Interesting. FYI, Loïc Le Meur’s WebLog posts more about blogging at Davos. A quote here states that this year the barbarians were not protesting at the gates of the World Economic Forum; they were inside and blogging.

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