I have a special folder in my email client called “Automat.” This catch-all sub-folder, within the inbox, contains the whole gamut of digests, permission-based emails, forums, and account updates I receive.
I barely read any of them.
Instead of getting all sad about it, I thought I’d post all the good things I’m missing, thus allaying my alternating fears and feats of waste and knowledge saturation. They are:

  • Apple’s weekly in-store and online promotions
  • TidBITS’ newsletter
  • WebDesign-L’s daily email digest
  •’s and’s digest
  • Webproducers’ email posts
  •’s weekly sales promotion blowout
  •’s Forums emails
  • Email promotions for both PhotoWorks and Ofoto
  • Other promotions from, Dotster, Adobe, AMEX, L.L. Bean, iPrint, and my favorite, PayPal

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