Design Signs II

Subscription-based PDF magazines have now begun to hit their stride. I’m fascinated by them because they offer tremendous possibility with regard to design, content, and format and are inexpensive to produce, easy to carry, and are archivable and searchable; well, they’re all the things that companies have been promoting for years.
A new design-related title is coming out called Design In-Flight. The first issue will feature recent luminaries like Armin Vit and Damien Newman, who I like quite a bit.
Having said all that, I hate reading long PDFs and I find having and storing them on my computer means I’ll never get to them. Printing them is painful as you watch the wads of color ink dispense from you printer. And the lack of tangible goods in a subscription just seems well, odd. Yet, it’s interesting that this format for distributing ideas and images has taken on new life and I’m paying attention to new PDF publication dispersal methodologies.

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  1. Hey – thanks for the comment, I wanted to add that I specifically designed my PDF (the designer’s Guide to BS) so that it could be printed on a standard laser printer and still be very easy to read and use. I used very little color and kept illustrations and type to grayscale… I was thinking of the average designer who might not have access to a color laser printer. Short of printing it myself and sending it to you – I was hoping that it was the next best thing.

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