Son of God

As I noted a few days ago, I’ve become a big fan of Sufjan Stevens. When the album came to me, I put the music on and was immediately fascinated — it’s a perfected combination of many Elephant 6 bands, my favorite of which is The Music Tapes. A few minutes into listening to Sufjan, my wife realized that the album is replete with Born Again lyrics, which surprised me and astounded me because it’s so unacceptable for truly religious lyrics to be part of contemporary “alternative” music. I’m not a believer in Christ but I believe in this artist, perhaps the son of the late Elliot Smith.

One thought on “Son of God”

  1. So you’re on to the Loretta Lynn album, are you? How you like? Been meaning to pick it up–that and the new PJ Harvey & Beastie Boys albums. Topic for future post: why does good music all seem to come out at the same time?

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