The White Rap

I downloaded the new Beastie Boys album, To The 5 Boroughs, off iTunes today and it’s quite good for a bunch of older, Jewish, white men. I of course mean that as a compliment.
The album is relatively heartfelt and does aim to please the folks who have it tough in New York City since 9/11, which is probably 2/3 of the population here. But the beats sound like they came off a tin can and only a few of the rhythms feel very original. Mostly, the lyrics are righteous which is how the B-Boys always have been. I need to listen to the album a few more times before making a more final verdict, but the album comes off as new-ish.
I didn’t mention that I accidentally downloaded the CLEAN version of the album. My dumb. Gee, could this possibly effect the above perspective?
Finally, I like the cover art a lot. It’s a flat-out fine drawing by the otherwise average illustrator Matteo Pericoli.

2 thoughts on “The White Rap”

  1. Ok – I just sampled some of this record and it’s basically alright, save that it ‘listens’ a bit like a 1987 time warp. I’m rather surpised that they made THIS record, given that they’ve been hanging in Cali these past couple of years. I would have thought that these guys would have jumped ship to do soundtracks for David O. Russell, Spike Jonez and other hip youngish filmmakers. Oh well..
    These guys are all too old and too rich to be wanting for any street cred.
    Is it my imagination, or do they overuse the first track on this lp?

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