This has been a week of very intense work, in terms of both quantity and scope — identity development for two companies, a backend administration design, business cards, two proposals, three wireframes, and four websites under different stages of development.
Thus the less than stellar posts. In this vein, I found that the new (beta) Yahoo! Search to be pretty fascinating for a number of reasons:

  • It uses side tabs, which are typically implemented very poorly. I predict that this will be a new feature of websites that feature forms and form data. It’s nicely designed here and pretty unusual as interface device.
  • The tabs themselves (and other features) are customizable, even though one doesn’t have to be logged in, registered, or otherwise beholden. (It’s a Javascript thing.) This is a nice feature for a search portal; there are times when I feel like My Yahoo!, which I use religiously, is capturing a bit too much about how I use it’s portal interface. On the same hand, it sometimes feels like Google is too selective, too aloof to allow personalization.
  • While this site mimics the soon-to-be $3.34 billion monstrosity called Google [page “not yet ready”], the interface is actually slightly nicer, warmer, more thoughtful and less technologically in your face. Oh, and Yahoo has a better logo.
  • Job openings are listed right from the get-go, on the home page. Are there actually job openings in today’s economy? It’s good to know.

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