Was in Winnipeg, MB, the past week. [Sorry]
Pretty much the geographical center of Canada and perhaps one of the nicest North American cities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.
Some quick notes on the stay:

  • Lake Winnipeg, to the north of the city, is (apparently) the size of the U.K.
  • The city is culturally sophisticated, diverse, kind, clean, and well-funded by the government and the Government
  • Our car was stolen on Wednesday night, probably before 9:30 p.m. It was found, more or less intact, this afternoon.
  • Pleasure seems to be as critical a component of Winnipeg life as it work is in New York.
  • Designing products, signs, and websites for two languages throughout the country is difficult, fascinating, and politically problematic.
  • The Mennonite and Jewish communities there are uniquely small and strong throughout the metropolis.
  • Indians, or Aboriginals as the community is called there, are under-enfranchised; however, from my superficial observations, it appears that that community is given much more respect, attention, and historical placement in education and culture than African-Americans in this or any other state.
  • It’s not unusual for the temp to reach -40 degrees Celsius in the winter. That’s about, well, -40 Fahrenheit.

I’m planning on devoting the rest of the week to the city, its environs, and its culture.

4 thoughts on “MB”

  1. Neat to hear your observations about the city, Andy (where it reached freezing temperatures over the past two days). Glad to hear the car got found, too. I was worried that would be your parting impression of the city. The bit about bilinugal websites you have right–it takes thought and planning and money to create a truly bilingual website, where material is not just well translated, but also culturally appropriate. My impression is that most do not achieve that, and many do not even try.

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