New Treo / Nutrio

I never bought (into) the Treo 600, which is an all-in-one Palm OS organizer/mobile phone/camera with browser and email applications released about 9 months ago or so. Yet, I desired it so.
But, typing “treo” into Google today, I found that some soul has found photos of the unreleased, redesigned Treo, possibly named the 650 and probably to be released with in a month or two. I know, I know, it’s gross. But, if you’re still grotesquely interested, here is a Treo 600 | The Perfect All-In-One Phone, PDA, MP3 Player, Portable Movie Player, Digtal Camera, Portable Game Player : Treo 650 & 600: Side-by-Side Comparison” href=””>side-by-side comparison.
Hey, the blog is called “Deckchairs on the Titanic.”

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