Every so often, it’s good to get out of the blog ruts. I’ve found a few new titles, to me, that are fascinating, well designed, and fundamentally far-reaching. But this is the best one of the lot. Published by NYU’s Department of Journalism, The Revealer is a “daily review of religion and the press” and is, well, pure brilliance. Take a look at the slide shows, the crazy long columns of article after article, and the Movable Type-driven categories and you’ll see the future of Web journalism and writing. Only drawback: it ain’t anywhere near Web standards compliant and the code behind it looks like it was built with a shovel, a sledgehammer, and an axe — surely not the tools of the future Web.

One thought on “Revelatory”

  1. Andy –
    If the code-base over at The Revealer is as bad as you say, then I’d say that you have an unsolicited bid to concoct…
    Just remind them that the site is “an untapped source of revenue”…
    – V.

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