The Conversation

Tonight I walked home with my friend and we talked and talked, for over 1/2 hour, about all of the things happening in our small world. We talked about the car being towed away this morning after it wouldn’t start. She asked me if I was sad to see it go away, and I replied that I was but that it would probably be fixed soon. She told me that she herself was sad to see it go. Then we talked about what it would be like to move away and how our friends in other places are unviewable from any distance except that of being front of them or very near. We spoke about how we would no longer be here if we were there and how much our friends would be different. And then we on to discuss the trash. I told her that I had to take out the garbage tonight, because it hadn’t been done in a few weeks. I asked if you could ever imagine what would happen if the trash just piled up and she remarked that we would be all be then sleeping on the garbage at some point and it would be pretty stinky. My daughter then asked when Mommy was coming home and it was a while until she did come home.