Grading Upgrading MT (A+)

I’m going to upgrade Movable Type, the platform that this thing whole edifice is rocking on, in the next few days. If we go away, we’ll be back soon.
[Revision: That was easy. G-d bless the folks at MT and my host. If you’re interested, I upgraded from the rather good but few featured MT 2.64 to the powerful, new and rebranded 3.14. The latter allows much better management of posts, more sophisticated filtering, and more serious monitoring of comment spam, which has been a problem these days for If you have questions about upgrading MT, let me know. Moreover (and now I’m sounding breathless, dear oh dear, Movable Type released a 24 page document on killing comment spam yesterday thanks to the brilliant hiring of smartypants and all around good guy Jay Allen, who has, on multiple occasions, helped me out of a comment spam jungle.). For the record, Deckchairs is getting about 500 unique visitors per day. And for the record, thank you, reader!]

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