The Move

It’s going to be a few days, folks, until something more real gets posted. But here’s the latest boring move information:

  • I sent out a Telegraph the other day that will hopefully reassure clients that MANOVERBOARD will only be a few hundred miles north of the border and a phone call away. Thanks to all of the kind emails I’ve received.
  • I sold the car at a place in Jersey. It was demeaning, gross, and highly demoralizing. I took a minor loss on the vehicle, which I bought used and it was as beautiful as sunshine, shiny and bright, quick and sharp, fast and smooth, and I don’t want to discuss it further.
  • The boxes are piling up. It’s at that point where I honestly cannot determine where all of the objects inhabiting those boxes were placed throughout the apartment. I know we had a good deal of closet space, but how could those closets possibly hold all of these boxes of things? Maybe the question should be phrased with a “Why are” at the start.
  • The little one has been positively responsible, responsive, easy-going, unphased and devout the entire time of this naya mishagas. It’s impressive. I’m not impressed with myself.
  • I’ve backed up my computer data on four separate systems, just to make sure. Is that paranoia or good personal computing?
  • If I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you, I apologize.
  • I swear I’m going to write a book about this move to Canada. Amazingly, the information online about moving there from the States is poor and often inaccurate. The best informational sites are those by the Canadian Government. This is true.
  • I’m now using Google’s Gmail to receive and respond and write emails. It’s a bit of drag, even though it’s a pretty sweet online app. I’m pretty old school about these things and strongly prefer a desktop app like Entourage to an online app. Perhaps it’s a control thing. NO, it’s a control thing.
  • The cats are vaccinated as am I.
  • My stomach is in small knots the size of thumbs.

I promise to be a better behaving weblog diarist when I settle into my new surroundings. Either that or I promise to be a better person. Maybe I can even pull both off if I try.