Young Thing

It’s a few days very late but is 10 years old. That makes me feel about 40, which so happens to be almost how old I am.
The Web truly is a young thing. It lives everywhere and is reckless and dangerous and thrives among the best (e.g. Wikipedia) and worst (Total Information Awareness, e.g.) of us. The Web shows that it’s possible for any schmuck to design or write for ebooks and that commerce is possible among breathing people without exchanging breaths. The Web is both old and new, shaped by our perceptions of quickly passing time and even more quickly fleeing electrons, prepared to submit to our little whims, whether fetishistic, opportunistic, receptive, or attavistic.
In any case, I uncynically applaud for taking the pounding of millions of keystrokes and landing in the spotlight for its success, longevity, and profitability.