These are things are good:
Martha Stewart publicly renounces the use of and the wearing of fur. It’s impressive. Martha says: “So much violence in the world seems beyond our control,” says Martha, “but this is one cruelty we can stop by being informed consumers.”
Opera, the browser manufactory, released its product completely free today – it used to be $39.00, believe it or not. It’s a great browser – fast, slick, smooth, and pretty. It’s a great alternative to Firefox and especially to Internet Explorer.
I finally installed the new Mac OS X on my desktop, which hasn’t been used in a few months. It’s nice. No big deal, but nice. BTW, I was greatly helped by Joe Kissel’s well-written and well-documented e-book Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger.
T-Mobile finally released my Brooklyn cell phone number for my Vonage line. That’s sweet. Vonage is great for the price, but like all inexpensive things, it’s not perfected yet as voice clarity is less than transparent. T-Mobile will now get to bill me $200.00 for cancelling my service contract. Lucky them, too!