In Texas

I’m here in Dallas, Texas, reporting from a place called Paradise. Paradise, in case you don’t know, is in Northern Texas and it’s beautiful.
Ms. Rita is coming north from Houston very quickly and I must say, it’s a bit overwhelming to know that I’m in the eye of the storm. A million and a half people are evacuating Houston to be in Dallas and all the news shows are people buying cartons of water and food at Wal-Mart to stock up. The roads are packed (both ways now) from Houston to here and the traffic is completely snarled in and around Dallas and Fort Worth. Fuel is probably going to run low and, while it looks like the state has everything more or less under control and people here are not scared at all, you can tell that other their breath a lot of worry is going on.
I should be able to make it out of the airport tomorrow but it’s hard to know. Rita is moving fast and I’m looking forward to moving faster.