The Club.

I want to join a club. An electronic club. A club filled with positive and negative electrons, where people share thoughts, ideas, resources, knowledge, and passions and provide personal assistance to those in need, support to the downfallen, and advice to the world weary. I want the club to be full of like-minded individuals who are committed to realistic yet simple rules and who share in the same concerns that I do. I want the club’s language to be one of tolerance, respect, thoughtfulness, and assurance. And I want the individual club members to generally always be available so that, when something is noted, someone picks up the thought and continues to run with it.
Further, the individuals need to very committed to not leaving the club. If I’m going to be part of a club, the last thing I want is for me to get used to people being part of the club and then having them leave. Because it’s all electronic, there’s no real way of knowing where they might have gone to, and I don’t want that. In addition, I want the club members to be nice.
I want the the club to be long-lasting. The very last thing I want is for me to join the club and then, about a week later, the club is gone. That would be the worst thing. After years and years of thinking and deliberating and researching clubs, I don’t want to join a club and then find out it’s shut down, perhaps because I joined it.
I want the club to be tolerant, as noted above, but also diverse. I don’t want everyone to agree with everyone and I don’t want people to “agree to disagree.” I hate when people agree to not agree. Moreover, I want the club to like me.
I also want the club to have good-looking people in it, even if I can’t really tell what they look like. It’s important that everyone looks good. And they should be good writers as well. Preferably, they should have gone to college and earned a degree in English but also be specialists in their various disciplines. They should be able to bring this education to the club in many manifest ways. There should be no misspellings and no bad grammar. And no cuss words at all.
This brings me to the last thing that I want. I want a club that will take the time to get to know me, who will ask generous questions of me and be generally supportive of me while I learn the ropes. I don’t have a lot of time to spend in this club because I’m very busy right now so members in the club will have to understand that.
Okay, if you have any suggestions, let me know. I’m looking forward to joining my new club!