1.6 Billion.

So, Google paid $1.6 billion for You Tube. I’m psyched for the giddy You Tube guys, who, unfortunately, made fools of themselves online.
Not that it’s gonna happen, but here’s how I’d divvy up the $1.6 billion if I had just sold You Tube:

  • $200 million would be divided equally to 200 friends and family members. That comes to $1 million each.
  • $100 million would be evenly divided among my 60 employees. That comes out to $1.67 million per staff member.
  • $20 million would go to the two universities that were fortunate enough to grant me degrees. The funds would be tagged for the art and literature departments only. That’s $10 million each, if I did the math correctly.
  • $50 million would go to each of my immediately family members, which amounts to about ten people. Let’s see. That’s $500 million right there.
  • I’d probably give about $100 million dollars to charities. These would include humane societies, hunger and food security organizations, and a few choice political think tanks.
  • $20 million would go into my own business and a few crazy ideas I have about helping individuals do better things online. These would include online applications, desktop applications that are missing for Mac, and a new online magazine called “Stanley.”
  • I’d probably buy a new Saab.
  • I might consider investing in real estate in far-out places like Paris, London, and Berlin. The homes and the car would amount to $10 million, which would include extra money for traveling to and from and furnishings and food.
  • I’d probably buy some extra life insurance from Lloyd’s of London or something.

Let’s see, that leaves me about $650 million. What the hell am I going to do with that?