We Got Snow.

It’s probably not hard to believe, but I looked out the window today and saw those first few snow flakes fleeing from the sky onto half-leaved trees. It was lovely. The snow won’t stick, according to neighbors. It will soon. The air outside has a bite to it and the clouds are sometimes low. It’s usual that, around Hallow’s Eve, the snow comes and stays for five or so months. Environment Canada predicts a more mild winter for the nation generally, which means the areas largely to the north of us.
The polar bears are in trouble.
So is the ice shelf.
So are we all.
In other news, a friend of mine, who recently survived breast cancer, made some fine t-shirts that are funny in a serious kind of way. Advertised as being “for tough cookies with black humor,” some of the shirts are “form fitting,” which seems as fitting as anything. They’re truly unique and very bold.
More locally, Dan Messing of Stunt Software (a software design firm in Winnipeg), released its new version of Overflow, a nice little application that does one thing nicely—allow Mac users to categorize their increasing lot of good applications like Overflow and provide space for the lot. It’s even been picked up by one of my favorite bloggers, John Gruber, at Daring Fireball. Congratulations, Dan.