New Year to Write.

A very happy and healthy and peaceful 2007 to all my readers. I was away for the past few weeks on the East Coast (Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York) and it was a great and illuminating trip. I’m back and I promise to be posting more.
A few tidbits while I warm up for further posts:
For some time now, xPad has been one of my very favorite note-taking and note-keeping apps. Its attention to detail, its ability to keep and find text data easily, and its overall usability surpasses almost anything else out there. There are better writing tools but none for the price.
Over the past year, I’ve noticed that the site and the product itself have had numerous problems of various sorts and the details were revealed today. It’s a sad but revealing story about application development, business ethics, Mac personalities and the power of independent developers and software sales sites, which have received a lot of attention recently on blogs and larger sites. The end result is that the developer of xPad is giving away this great product.