MS $uicide.

I know this is the second post about technology in two days. I know.
A friend of mine, RJ, noted to me a fascinating set of articles that could begin with this one Windows DRM is the ‘longest suicide note in history’ at The Register. In a nutshell, Microsoft, in its limited wisdom about young computer users, has decided to build into Vista, its new operating sytem, the most complex and doom-laden digital rights management (DRM) ever devised. The way it was described to me was such that every potential piece of hardware throughout the connectivity chain (USB connections, RAM, everything) has the possibility of being involved with ensuring that digital rights are adhered to by the big movie/music studios.
My quick prediction is that, if true, this spells the end of Microsoft as we know it. Within six months, the company will see a forfeiture of its market share by as much as 10% to one company, Apple Computer. Microsoft will then have to back its DRM out of Vista and produce a more visionary and gentler DRM for its customer base. It’s incredible to me that companies with as many market researchers as Microsoft would choose to deploy a draconian DRM system that goes against the prevailing, lighter-touch sensibilitiy around digital rights that people have come to expect, and demand.