The Hour.

There are not a lot of US-based shows I miss in Canada these days and the ones I like are typically broadcast here on PBS affiliate stations. But there are a few Canadian television shows that I’ve been really enjoying of late, including one especially, The Hour, a CBC news/talk show. The show, hosted by none other than a semi-fit/semi-pudgy guy (just like me) named George Stroumboulopoulos (not to be confused with George Stephanopoulos), is a one-hour-long riff on politics, entertainment, grotesqueries and general news with a generally liberal slant that feels uniquely Canadian.
Geared toward the 20- and 30-somethings throughout Canada, recent guests are one or two cuts above the usual hoi poloi shedding panties and whatnot. Mr. Stroumboulopoulos has interviewed Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens, the moustacioed head of the Canadian NDP (Jack Layton), and even Deepak Chopra. Unlike US-based shows like that of Jon Stewart, Stroumboulopoulos’ is eager and unironic and often sarcastic with a strong focus on the bizarre but not, importantly, the inane. Interestingly to me, the show somewhat represents the very best features of Canadian identity that I’ve experienced—humble but knowledgable, optimistic but insecure, humorous but realistic.
I don’t know how well this “alt news” show is doing, though I read that it was struggling a few months ago. I wish it very well.
Postscript: Macleans had a good piece about Stroumboulopoulos and his savior-like status at the CBC. Of note, in terms of audience, “the highest proportion are aged 35 to 49,” a demographic I strongly and happily fit.