More Troops, More Toys, Please.

I wake up this morning to read that there is an incredible amount of chatter in the techie “blogosphere” about Apple’s new products. I admit, I’m semi-excited to see what the company has up its sleeve on Tuesday. The company’s home page indicates that it could be a flashlight of some sort or maybe they’re going to resurrect 2001: A Space Odyssey. Apple’s stock has been all over the place but I’m assuming the new iPod phone or iTV machine they’re about to release will be, at the very least, pretty.
At the same time, in the political “blogoshere,” there’s a torrent of speculation about President Bush’s expected “surge” of 30,000 more troops going to Iraq, while Afghanistan is falling apart at the seams. Although the two announcements are not complimentary nor comparable, the conversations, indeed, are.

  • Both are conducted largely by men.
  • Both are largely based around the Internet because anonymity reigns here.
  • Both conversations are based on secreted information and highly-paid public relations officers.
  • Both enjoy the privilege of hyperbole, using desire and anxiety to fan the flames.
  • Both rely on limited systems of language about technology and not about lives lived.

I’m as curious as the next blogger to hear the news.