Hamas Rules.

So 1.5 million Gazans now have the lovingly hooded Hamas government to thank for taking over their schools, infrastructure, and nationhood. A fiasco.
Let’s see who might be to blame here. I’ll write a list:

  1. The United States (for saying little and doing nothing)
  2. Gazans (for voting Hamas in)
  3. Fatah (for idling)
  4. Israel (for denying)
  5. The United Nations (for handsitting)
  6. Saudi Arabia (for funding)
  7. Syria (for financing)
  8. Iran (for supplying)
  9. Egypt (for organizing)
  10. Jordan (for ignoring)
  11. Russia (for laughing)
  12. Lebanon
  13. Kuwait
  14. Bahrain
  15. Yemen (these four, for fomenting and abetting)