Michael Moore on Government.

I guess this is politics week here at Deckchairs.
I can’t say enough good things about Michael Moore’s recorded speech to the California Nurses Association on Tuesday about the realities of health care in the United States. It’s completely on and is a must-listen (or -read) for anyone confused about why contemporary health care in America is provided inequitably. He’s so completely coherent, funny, and smart that I think the guy should be considered for a Nobel. Who else is willing to say publicly that American government can be reconstructed to provide real health care for all Americans, regardless of income level?
One beautiful quote: “Ask your grandparents if that Social Security check comes every month. It not only comes every month, my Dad said, it comes on the same day. Through the government-sponsored US mail. And remarkably it is the same amount every month! They actually get the check right. How do they do that? Tens of millions of seniors every month get a social security check on time for the exact amount!”